Text - Novell/Lyrik

I look towards your window, catch a glimpse of smiles

I thought that it was different now, guess I didn't realize

You fingered on my heart and my blood pulsed through my veins

the feeling's still inside me but,

by the time I realized it was too late

I still recall the touch of your hands, they touched me deep inside

What if you'd never contributed to the feelings I'm forced to hide?

You see me through the window, and I can see it in your eyes

you're in love with someone else now,

and it was all too late by the time I realized

Wake me up

by my side

in the morning..

I need to see

your face in the sun

one more time..

But time is so fragile, time got me confused

It was on our side, but now it has forgotten how to move

I understand if you don't want to talk to me again

you used to breake my windows

you catched my heart and now I understand


I look towards your window, but get caught by your eyes

I need to tell you this before my oxygen runs out

I was throwed into the fire, I was blinded by your light

but I guess I'll let you know,

that I love you, when I dream of you tonight..

It's not so hard to say

Text - Novell/Lyrik

Sitting here alone, waiting for someone to call

Though I don't want the symphaty, neither do I wanna talk to the wall

I'm in no hurry, I can take it slow

I just wish that someday I could loose control

with someone

Somehow I don't seem to know myself at all

I am never satisfied 'cause no one cares at all

but why should they?

I want to know
why I should pretend

that I'm not alone

will no one hear my call?

will no one look at me at all?

Don't forget that I'm the one to blaim

I'm choosing to be all alone, It's not so hard to say

I was never in your arms. I know

you can give away your heart, but I wont

Sitting here alone, wondering where you are

the key in your hand is enough to unlock my heart

but by now theres is nothing left to save

'couse no one cares, and why should they?

Despite The Silence (feat. Adriana) NY DEMO!

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